Lunchtime Clubs and Activities

Lunchtime activities begin this week!

Check out the timetable below for more details.

Let us know what you think- talk to your SRC rep or post a comment!

Monday Chess, Board games and Colouring Foyer of Atrium 2:35
Tuesday Construction Club


Foyer of Atrium

Music Room

Wednesday Running Club Balwyn Park, Anniversary Trail 1:10
Thursday Reading Library 2:35
Friday Construction Club Foyer of Atrium 2:35

Welcome to the SRC 2017 !


Student representatives from years 2-6 will meet every fortnight in the Wellbeing Room.

An agenda is set, minutes are taken as students bring forward ideas raised in class meetings. The SRC will then report back to the classes with actions they have proposed.

Members of the SRC meet with the principal twice a term.

The SRC represent student voice so we would like to hear from you!

Share ideas with your SRC member or post a comment. We appreciate your feedback!

Please log into this page during class meetings to stay updated!!

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